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Rethinking Legacy and Memory: Behind the Image of Ulysses S. Grant

May 1-19, 2023

The titles of "general" and "president" have dominated the presentation of Ulysses S. Grant. However, these heroic labels leave facets of his life unexplored. By examining the private collection donated to George Washington University by Ulysses S. Grant III, this exhibit illuminates Grant’s life inside and outside the public eye and in the spaces in between. Curated by Corcoran Museum Studies and Exhibition Design students.



Andy Warhol's Polaroids

Andy Warhol's photographs reflect his daily life including his travels, romantic partners, social outings, inanimate objects and preparations for commissioned portraits. This exhibition focuses on the concept of the Polaroid and black and white photographs by Warhol in the GW Collection.  If read as mirrors to Warhol’s internal struggles they give insight into his feelings about being a famous and profitable artist, struggles with his sexuality and his friendships. 


Concurring experiences: together, apart

Concurring Experiences: Together, Apart

An exhibition commemorating the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 national lockdown, showcasing 27 works from the Corcoran Study Collection curated and researched by MA Exhibition Design class of 2022, Dr. Lisa Lipinksi's "History of Exhibitions". Through the lens of finding and uplifting community in times of isolation, the show follows eight themes, each linked to calls-to-actions, social justice organizations, and mutual aid funds, hoping to uplift these missions with larger audiences and community.


Richard Rodriguez, Chris's Room

HOME: Selections from the Corcoran Study Collection

This exhibition seeks to show many facets of home through photographic works recently returned to the Corcoran Flagg Building from works exploring Washington, D.C., the city many of us call home, to more intangible feelings of where we find comfort, to the idea of the Corcoran Flagg Building as a dedicated home for art.